Hardly Funny is an autobiographical webcomic that was created in 2012.

Randall and Samantha (myself) are opposites who married in 2010 and have since suffered frustrating moments of disagreement that teeter on our different outlooks. Randall is a self-taught hacker who works from home as a lead developer and claims to be nearly perfectly organized, obsessively ambitious, and logical. Compared to that, I consider myself traditionally “normal”.  I’m also witty, artistic, and am busy with my creative interests and hobbies: writing spec screenplays, video editing, learning full stack Javascript, and making lots of vector illustrations.

The beloved and pampered Scribbles(2005-2014) is our late chihuahua, who often took sides in her mother and fathers disputes when she wasn’t succumbing to sleeping or running around excitedly in small circles.

About the Making Of:

Hardly Funny showcases the comical and absurd outcomes of day-to-day situations when living with a programmer. I began documenting the unusual acts and behavior of unusual Randall soon after living together as husband and wife.   The idea for the webcomic was born when others simply laughed at our tribulations. It stayed an idea for quite some time until summer 2012. Now, Samantha illustrates and posts Hardly Funny while Randall inadvertently comes up with the material by just being himself.

Did this happen to you?

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