The Morning News


About two mornings ago, we had a candid moment while we were lazily reading the headlines in bed. I subscribe to the L.A. Times world news and Randall, to the subreddit, Awww. I was silently lamenting over the Syrian conflict and how their government may resort to using alleged chemical weapons on their own people… while Randall clamors over and exclaims an offbeat remark about this cute wittle puppy. He usually shows me a cute fuzzy wuzzy link every other morning, and I’ve come to realize that he reads these things first everyday!  I have yet to catch up to his developer lifestyle. He is a dependent consumer as much as he is a faithful loyalist to his  beloved Reddit and Hackernews communities– so much that if I ever use them, he finds it attractive. Nerd alert.

Did this happen to you?

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