Angry Randall




It takes a lot to anger Randall, but he never fails to yell this after talking to Comcast. I just learned what Bash is the other day even though I’ve been using it for almost a year. I initially thought it was a language! Wow. Even a simple shell script can replace a job.

Happy Birthday to Me!



Today is my birthday(and Easter)! I just remembered it’s my twin sister’s birthday too, so happy birthday Allison! Anyway, one year Randall gave me Warcraft ( in a little software box-remember those?) as a present. I was livid. First of all, I hadn’t played the game in years! Secondly, it cost money to play! That turned into a fight… especially when I found out he threw out the receipt. Oh well, it was still nice of him.

Hacker Wardrobe


RandallsclosetSo we just moved and I unpacked my husband’s clothes for him (because I’m amazing). It was pretty easy considering he only owns a few essential hacker necessities. He has tons of tech shirts but usually opts for a black t-shirt. In fact, ever since we started dating, I told him that he reminds me of a cartoon character because he wears the same thing all the time. I like that he values comfort and simplicity but he needs to at least start dressing up for Halloween.

Quality Time


QualityTimeRandall and I built my desktop together. It was the first computer and only computer that I’ve built. We picked out all the parts from and built it for like 500 bucks. I think that was about four or five years ago. I still use it. After we built it, I got to learn about drivers and opensource software. We had to find all the applications and the operating system online to download and install.  It was a totally new experience and a bargain. Randall said my small fingers saved him hours of struggle too! (We would do it more often but have since happened to buy only laptops.)


The Essentials




We are moving again in three weeks to San Francisco/East Bay area to attend fellow hackathons and such. The last two times that we moved, I worked full time and left the unpacking to Randall. It turned out like this image above each time; he only unpacked his laptop and some books on hacking. That was it! He didn’t see the problem, just “the essentials”.

Time Machine


885mph Randall speeds sometimes and tells me we just have to get to 88 mph. It took me a few years to realize that this is because he pretends he’s in the movie, Back to the Future. He wasn’t proud that it took me so long to understand. Now, we speed if there’s a van behind us because it means that “the Libyans are coming.”