Angry Randall




It takes a lot to anger Randall, but he never fails to yell this after talking to Comcast. I just learned what Bash is the other day even though I’ve been using it for almost a year. I initially thought it was a language! Wow. Even a simple shell script can replace a job.

Happy Birthday to Me!



Today is my birthday(and Easter)! I just remembered it’s my twin sister’s birthday too, so happy birthday Allison! Anyway, one year Randall gave me Warcraft ( in a little software box-remember those?) as a present. I was livid. First of all, I hadn’t played the game in years! Secondly, it cost money to play! That turned into a fight… especially when I found out he threw out the receipt. Oh well, it was still nice of him.

Hacker Wardrobe


RandallsclosetSo we just moved and I unpacked my husband’s clothes for him (because I’m amazing). It was pretty easy considering he only owns a few essential hacker necessities. He has tons of tech shirts but usually opts for a black t-shirt. In fact, ever since we started dating, I told him that he reminds me of a cartoon character because he wears the same thing all the time. I like that he values comfort and simplicity but he needs to at least start dressing up for Halloween.

Quality Time


QualityTimeRandall and I built my desktop together. It was the first computer and only computer that I’ve built. We picked out all the parts from and built it for like 500 bucks. I think that was about four or five years ago. I still use it. After we built it, I got to learn about drivers and opensource software. We had to find all the applications and the operating system online to download and install. ┬áIt was a totally new experience and a bargain. Randall said my small fingers saved him hours of struggle too! (We would do it more often but have since happened to buy only laptops.)