Working from Home




I’ve gotten used to having a husband who’s always online, but I’m not used to seeing him watch cartoons all day long.  The sad thing is, I’ve come to accept that it means he’s working. I don’t know how exactly–how does one code while reading subtitles at the same time? It’s just a weird trait of a developer husband that is unexplainable and therefore hardly funny to me.

ab Command

AB-CommandSo I don’t personally, fully understand this command, however another weird situation has happened in my life of living with a programmer. Randall exclaimed at the computer again. His friend messaged me online to let me know what kind of trouble Randall was in. It turns out my husband, Randall, accidentally locked himself out of his own application by typing the wrong command. Thanks to Craig for letting me know(uh, Randall says that you distracted him and it’s your fault he ran this command!). 😀