Easy Reading


easy_readingSo I couldn’t get into the bath the other day because Randall had cozied up with none other than “HTML 5: an Overview”. Now, whenever I read code books, which is not very often, I do it in front of a keyboard. Maybe this is why Randall takes a bazillion baths and buys a bazillion books.


Testing Telephony


testing_telephonyEvil Randall and his telephony (an actual industry) tricks. I always get random phone calls, sometimes with automated voices telling me weird things like this or just a series of beeps. I’m tired of answering my phone and being hung up on and then hearing, “Samantha! My program was able to correctly identify your voice and parse the data!”  It’s so annoying when you’re a guinea pig and you don’t know it.

Left 4 Dead




Randall bought me a Steam account after we got married. I use it mostly to play Left 4 Dead, a fun, easy, zombie crazy, first person shooter game. I’m not very good at most other games on Steam. :/ You have to get through a zombie ridden level of play with three strangers online as teammates. This requires teamwork, communication and smart decision making to ensure team survival, just like a real zombie apocalypse! Sometimes I get really into it, (you get a lot of chances to try and win), but everything can be ruined when other online gamers act stupid or fail.

Infinite Recursion


InfiniteRecursionIt was really embarrassing when Randall started yelling “Infinite recursion!” in the grocery store. I didn’t know how to calm him down.  I didn’t want to explain, to strangers, the excitement of his epiphany, mostly because people just won’t understand. There’s a new taco at Taco Bell, flavored like Dorito chips. After it became popular, Doritos had to continue flavoring things…. Doritos now has a new chip that is flavored after the taco that was initially flavored after themselves…. It is like a never ending loop!





Theoretically, he’s right. We can possibly make more money than a savings account’s interest rate offers if we invest in things instead. It is always a gamble however. At least my husband is excited about getting ready for the financial future now. Randall was so excited that the next day he built a command line app to handle your personal BitCoin called BTC. Check it out here, http://rdegges.github.io/btc/.



RoboticsCompetitionWe attended our first robotics competition! That’s what we do for fun now….yeah. It was a regional F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition at San Jose State. My geeky husband, who pirates too many violent shows, kept asking when the robots were going to destroy each other. Thankfully, they never did and instead displayed their many impressive and uber exciting skills. All the robots were built by teenagers and were sponsored by some pretty big names including NASA and Google! We’ve added robotics to our list of things to do this year as a couple. You should definitely check out some video of the competition here: Time Magazine covers FIRST.

Precious Heartbeats


mammalianheartI’ve done some research after rudely finding out Randall was watching me use up my limited amount of heartbeats….I found that most sources say mammal and human hearts will beat between 2 and 3 billion times. That’s a pretty big discrepancy, but it depends on how long the person lives. The worldwide average life expectancy is supposedly 65 years old (2 billion beats), but I might be lucky enough to reach 95 years of age (3 billion beats). All in all, doing cardio regularly actually slows your sitting heart rate and therefore helps you out in the long run. Hah! (I made a pun.) So Randall started running with me!

The Essentials




We are moving again in three weeks to San Francisco/East Bay area to attend fellow hackathons and such. The last two times that we moved, I worked full time and left the unpacking to Randall. It turned out like this image above each time; he only unpacked his laptop and some books on hacking. That was it! He didn’t see the problem, just “the essentials”.