Dating a developer can be lonely if you’re not a developer yourself. You may notice that there are definitely less people around, few social outings and lots of solitude and indoor time. Well, developers are not always antisocial; they just socialize online with selective humans and bots. I finally got to meet my honey’s friends online through a mystery called IRC. I was immediately lectured for referring to Randall as Randall since he preferred his alias or handle at the time (which was in leet speak!).  His friends only knew his identity by his handle so I just confused everyone. I felt really bad, like I made a embarrassing impression.  :/ I’m glad everything worked out though. You learn something new everyday when you date a developer!

First Impressions


This post is dedicated to my sweet little cousin who is like a little sister to me. She was asked out by the boy she likes and she said yes! It reminded me of when Randall and I started dating about seven years ago. He would interrogate me with unusual questions like this one, “Are you a Black Hat or a White Hat?” (You can see why I found him very interesting.) Randall taught me that there are different kinds of hackers, such as black hats  and white hats.  Black hats hack to exploit for malicious intentions while white hats exploit to test or improve code. The good thing is doing either could get you  a job after serving some jailtime.  😀

Just two kinds of hackers. Excerpt from Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hat_hacking#Black_hat

Congrats Cisa. Here’s to all the new experiences and feelings that a new relationship can bring! We’ll be black hats together if anything goes wrong!



My husband is not used to using pencils and paper; perhaps most developers are this way. Most writing is illegible and occasionally, there are symbols or binary. In our love notes from high school, he would jot down code and it bewildered me. Now he writes hearts in all of the cards he gives me. They are written as if he typed them with a keyboard and had to resort to <3. He’s like a computer or a little WallE. At least I understand what the hearts mean!



Randall is lucky enough to work at home, where we work and end up watching a lot of movies. He remarked on this obvious plothole when we were watching TRON, right after we cheered for the open source resolution! We’re still fans of the film though. Just yesterday, Randall was listening to some pretty loud music with a narrator talking about being on “The Grid….in a motorcycle…”. Yup my little geek listens to the soundtrack while coding. 😀