thanksgivingI made placecards for Thanksgiving and found a way to look up pilgrim names. Don’t worry realists, I made Native American ones too. Anyway, Randall was pretty upset that a not-so-passionate programmer forgot to seed his random number generator and  therefore, made our names the same.

ab Command

AB-CommandSo I don’t personally, fully understand this command, however another weird situation has happened in my life of living with a programmer. Randall exclaimed at the computer again. His friend messaged me online to let me know what kind of trouble Randall was in. It turns out my husband, Randall, accidentally locked himself out of his own application by typing the wrong command. Thanks to Craig for letting me know(uh, Randall says that you distracted him and it’s your fault he ran this command!). 😀



Today we’re going out of town to do some holiday shopping for my husbands family. If there’s an Apple store at the mall, then I’ll literally have to talk Randall out of waltzing in there and quizzing the associates about the history, hardware, and sourcecode of just about anything computer related. It’s the only time he scoffs at people.



If you get overexcited about holidays like me, you might make pilgrim and Native American seating place cards with specially generated names on them for everyone at your table! It’s almost fun for everyone until someone points out the flaws in the application. I ended up using a better pilgrim-name generator online that Randall is sure to approve of.




Randall is lucky enough to work at home, where we work and end up watching a lot of movies. He remarked on this obvious plothole when we were watching TRON, right after we cheered for the open source resolution! We’re still fans of the film though. Just yesterday, Randall was listening to some pretty loud music with a narrator talking about being on “The Grid….in a motorcycle…”. Yup my little geek listens to the soundtrack while coding. 😀