First Impressions


This post is dedicated to my sweet little cousin who is like a little sister to me. She was asked out by the boy she likes and she said yes! It reminded me of when Randall and I started dating about seven years ago. He would interrogate me with unusual questions like this one, “Are you a Black Hat or a White Hat?” (You can see why I found him very interesting.) Randall taught me that there are different kinds of hackers, such as black hats  and white hats.  Black hats hack to exploit for malicious intentions while white hats exploit to test or improve code. The good thing is doing either could get you  a job after serving some jailtime.  😀

Just two kinds of hackers. Excerpt from Wikipedia.

Congrats Cisa. Here’s to all the new experiences and feelings that a new relationship can bring! We’ll be black hats together if anything goes wrong!