Happy Birthday to Me!



Today is my birthday(and Easter)! I just remembered it’s my twin sister’s birthday too, so happy birthday Allison! Anyway, one year Randall gave me Warcraft ( in a little software box-remember those?) as a present. I was livid. First of all, I hadn’t played the game in years! Secondly, it cost money to play! That turned into a fight… especially when I found out he threw out the receipt. Oh well, it was still nice of him.

The Bug




When Randall read The Bug by Ellen Ullman, he withdrew himself and complained of how sad he felt in response to the story. I knew it was the first time (in a long time) that he had read fiction and I assumed it must’ve been a good book! I’ve heard that the protagonist is a programmer in the 1980’s, and the bug is actually referring to a bug in code. I don’t want to attempt to summarize it any further, because I haven’t read it yet. I can say that Randall does recommend it, despite his reaction.

Tech Support


PingI learned all about pings when I first took a networking class in high school to be near my then-crush (now husband). I like to show off that I know what a ping is but it doesn’t necessarily help in certain situations…. like when the internet crapped out at work and tech support said it was fine.

My First Time


indiaIt was exhilarating when I got to call India for the first time! Everything seemed outdated at my first internship. The official company-assigned emails were administered through Microsoft Outlook, and nobody knew what was going on or cared much about the big picture. That’s where I learned that most people hate their jobs and are miserable yet content enough. You can imagine how enthralled I was when I could call India on speed dial and they instantly listened AND helped me! My new Indian contact was halfway around the world and I knew immediately that we had the potential to be best friends! We could be spending hours and hours exchanging cultural stories! But no, my Indian guide with a computer-generated, American name wouldn’t spend anymore time with me unless it was purely for tech support. It was just like being at home with Randall when he’s focused on something. And I was alone again. Emo, I know.



guildMy Honeybuns and I are very different, so this concern of Randall’s comes up at times. In desperation to assure him we will always have something to enjoy together, I have offered to join a guild(World of Warcraft). I like computer games where as Randall can become ultimately consumed in them. Therefore, out of our own safety and sanity, we haven’t joined a guild yet. He says his Ubuntu operating system would also be an obstacle to accessing the game; this is the main reason I appreciate Ubuntu. 😀 I’m sure it saves marriages.