My First Time


indiaIt was exhilarating when I got to call India for the first time! Everything seemed outdated at my first internship. The official company-assigned emails were administered through Microsoft Outlook, and nobody knew what was going on or cared much about the big picture. That’s where I learned that most people hate their jobs and are miserable yet content enough. You can imagine how enthralled I was when I could call India on speed dial and they instantly listened AND helped me! My new Indian contact was halfway around the world and I knew immediately that we had the potential to be best friends! We could be spending hours and hours exchanging cultural stories! But no, my Indian guide with a computer-generated, American name wouldn’t spend anymore time with me unless it was purely for tech support. It was just like being at home with Randall when he’s focused on something. And I was alone again. Emo, I know.