About Samantha

I enjoy learning new things and being creative with art and code.



Moving ISPI’ve learned that the internet service provider is the most important amenity when choosing a home. In Los Angeles, we couldn’t find fiber anywhere that we had lived but now that we’re moving to Walnut Creek/East Bay, I think there is hope for a home sweet home.

Quality Time


QualityTimeRandall and I built my desktop together. It was the first computer and only computer that I’ve built. We picked out all the parts from Newegg.com and built it for like 500 bucks. I think that was about four or five years ago. I still use it. After we built it, I got to learn about drivers and opensource software. We had to find all the applications and the operating system online to download and install.  It was a totally new experience and a bargain. Randall said my small fingers saved him hours of struggle too! (We would do it more often but have since happened to buy only laptops.)


Making Conversation



I try to make conversation with my busy programmer husband by asking how his computer is doing. I forgot he got a new computer a while ago and that I hadn’t learned the name of it yet. Whoops! It’s not easy to get used to the fact that he names computers, let alone remembering their names! Well, this one is called Death, and it lives with us. I didn’t like Cora because Randall spent all his time with her. Death’s been okay so far.

Working from Home




I’ve gotten used to having a husband who’s always online, but I’m not used to seeing him watch cartoons all day long.  The sad thing is, I’ve come to accept that it means he’s working. I don’t know how exactly–how does one code while reading subtitles at the same time? It’s just a weird trait of a developer husband that is unexplainable and therefore hardly funny to me.