FacebookSome things aren’t tolerated by computer programmers, such as people who type in all capitals and people who use Comic Sans font. It’s kind of like saying, “Look at me, I’m a douchebag.”  It makes my Lovebug yell, “Nope!” which is something else unique about his kind….

Left 4 Dead




Randall bought me a Steam account after we got married. I use it mostly to play Left 4 Dead, a fun, easy, zombie crazy, first person shooter game. I’m not very good at most other games on Steam. :/ You have to get through a zombie ridden level of play with three strangers online as teammates. This requires teamwork, communication and smart decision making to ensure team survival, just like a real zombie apocalypse! Sometimes I get really into it, (you get a lot of chances to try and win), but everything can be ruined when other online gamers act stupid or fail.

Infinite Recursion


InfiniteRecursionIt was really embarrassing when Randall started yelling “Infinite recursion!” in the grocery store. I didn’t know how to calm him down.  I didn’t want to explain, to strangers, the excitement of his epiphany, mostly because people just won’t understand. There’s a new taco at Taco Bell, flavored like Dorito chips. After it became popular, Doritos had to continue flavoring things…. Doritos now has a new chip that is flavored after the taco that was initially flavored after themselves…. It is like a never ending loop!

Logic-Loving Husband



So programmers are programmed (like the programs that they write) to think logically and that creates a sort of, human error problem for Randall sometimes. When I told him that I was “head over heels” for him once, he was very confused as illustrated in exhibit A above. I suppose that I sound just as confusing to him too.