API Testing




Yes, my honey buns likes to lay down all the time when he’s working from home. I found out he’s actually “watching the API run” and monitoring errors. Then he looks through the data later to troubleshoot! What a long process. I can tell he likes laying down almost as much as coding APIs.






Theoretically, he’s right. We can possibly make more money than a savings account’s interest rate offers if we invest in things instead. It is always a gamble however. At least my husband is excited about getting ready for the financial future now. Randall was so excited that the next day he built a command line app to handle your personal BitCoin¬†called BTC. Check it out here,¬†http://rdegges.github.io/btc/.



RoboticsCompetitionWe attended our first robotics competition! That’s what we do for fun now….yeah. It was a regional F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition at San Jose State. My geeky husband, who pirates too many violent shows, kept asking when the robots were going to destroy each other. Thankfully, they never did and instead displayed their many impressive and uber exciting skills. All the robots were built by teenagers and were sponsored by some pretty big names including NASA and Google! We’ve added robotics to our list of things to do this year as a couple. You should definitely check out some video of the competition here: Time Magazine covers FIRST.

Happy Birthday to Me!



Today is my birthday(and Easter)! I just remembered it’s my twin sister’s birthday too, so happy birthday Allison! Anyway, one year Randall gave me Warcraft ( in a little software box-remember those?) as a present. I was livid. First of all, I hadn’t played the game in years! Secondly, it cost money to play! That turned into a fight… especially when I found out he threw out the receipt. Oh well, it was still nice of him.